"They make garage punk that's pretty catchy and clear-sounding as far as garage punk goes, but still driving and full of attitude."


"Bloody fists, apathy, stolen drugs, and neck tats—these are just some of the things that define "SSDD," voted best band in the world for one year in a row (so what if it's self-proclaimed)."


"...the guitar sounds alone are a pure sonic expression of tension and anxiety, and the rhythm section pummels the point home. All of this underscores and heightens the frenzied vocal-bark of Kennedy Carda, who sings of passing out in front of bars, of a world about to burn, of celebration and brain-vacation dissipating into “so much degradation.” It’s a sound reminiscent of the kind of thing Touch and Go was putting out in the early 90’s, but devoid of 90’s nostalgia (thank God), and too self-contained and idiosyncratic to fit into any simple/easy classification."


"The tension between intentional, focused energy and discordant debauchery is what makes SSDD a captivating group both on record and in person—like that college friend who perplexingly managed to black out five nights a week and still make straight A’s."


"Wherever you've been lollygagging anywhere around town, you've probably heard the hushed whispers about the local rock 'n' roll band SSDD, or Steal Shit Do Drugs for short. These four no-counts are swiftly becoming infamous for playing face down, knuckle draggin', sweaty, early '80s sounding West Coast PUNK."